The Logic Reel

The Logic Reel is a completely new design that is both ergonomic and compact. The flexible and adjustable strap goes over the back of your knuckles with you palm towards the reel and fits just in front of the Goodman handle on your light, allowing you to actually shine your light along the line you are reeling in. Additionally, the spool is easily removable to clear any debris that may cause a jam, although it is very unlikely to occur, since the back side of the reel flange is completely protected in a recessed pocket. A clear polycarbonate flange makes it easier to gauge how much line is left on the reel. The urethane webbing handle can be adjusted to securely fit any size hand and allows either left or right handed operation.

Patent Pending Intelligent Design

The Logic Reel is also a statement in the proper application of materials. While some people may think that Delrin (Acetal Homopolymer) is a magical material that can fix any weak design, the intelligent application of the best suited materials for each specific part is a much better solution. We do use an Acetal frame for strength, and also for the spool core and knob because it has good bearing properties. We use a fiberglass inner flange that has over five times the tensile and flexural strength of Delrin, allowing a thinner, space saving flange to be used without the bowing that can occur when nylon line dries and shrinks on the spool, causing the flanges to flex out and jam the reel. The outer spool flange is clear polycarbonate, which has similar strength as Delrin, but better impact resistance and allows you to see the line remaining on the reel. All other hardware is stainless steel, except for the urethane coated webbing for the handle.

Simple Spool Removal

The quick release lever is held in place by a thumb screw and Belleville spring washer that ensures constant pressure to prevent accidental releases. To remove the spool, you must loosen the QR thumbscrew and rotate the lever out of the way and then also loosen the spool lock thumbscrew on the front of the reel. The reels ship without line, to allow the user to install exactly the line they want and knot it if necessary. The Small Reel holds 300 feet and the large reel holds 450 feet of #24 nylon line with ample clearance.

Small $160
Large $170

Small Logic Reel
4.8″ Diameter
5.8″ Long
2.5″ Wide


Large Logic Reel
4.8″ Diameter
5.8″ Long
3.3″ Wide