Genesis SW 2.0

The new Genesis SW 2.0 is reserved for military and commercial divers that need the ultimate in power and control. With a maximum sustained thrust of over 125 lbs, it is designed to move people and equipment quickly. The Genesis SW 2.0 uses a motor twice the size of the consumer models with a stronger magnetic shaft coupling to transfer the power to the water. No other DPV on the face of the earth can even begin to match its performance. Available in optional low reflective black finish with black oxide stainless hardware. Minimum order quantities may apply.


Weight – 52.5lbs (23.8kg)
Length – 35.0in (88.9cm)
Max thrust – 125+lbs (57kg) [556N]
Run time at Max Speed – 60 minutes
Run time at Min Speed – 28 hours
Approx. Range at Max Thrust – 3.2mi (5.1km)
Approx. Range at 2 knots – 10.5mi (16.9km)
Approx. Range at 150fpm – 14.3mi (23.0km)
Standard Depth Rating – 660ft (200m)
Li-Ion Battery Capacity – 1700Wh
Battery Voltage – 64.8V nominal
Charger Input Voltage – 110 or 220VAC switchable
Recharge Time – 8 hours