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The Logic Dive Gear Harness was born out of necessity. With a faster DPV, the old single crotch strap becomes a pain in the nether regions, literally. Our harness uses leg loops similar to a climbing harness, but is still put on and taken off like a regular crotch strap with no extra clips. By tying the leg loops to the shoulder straps, when the DPV pulls the leg loops tight, it also snugs the shoulder straps, pulling the back plate or side-mount rig closer to your back. This is far more comfortable than the old crotch strap that simply pulls the bottom of the backplate down, which leverages the top of the back plate away from the your back. Additionally, having the shoulder straps attached more forward, the BC system is easier to put on and take off. The harness has stabilizer straps in the rear to prevent the leg loops from sliding down the legs and also keep the butt D-ring or plate from flopping around. The harness works with all backplates and most side-mount systems with minimal or no modification. Holes on the side plate are provided for bungees loops for back-up lights. The wide loop on the rear of the side plate accepts our removable canister light clips, which can also be used to attach trim weights.