Remove and replace your camera in seconds with only one hand.
Small and large mounts available for every size camera from GoPro and compact digital all the way up to large DSLR and cinema production video housings.
Integrated quick release trays with handles or plain quick release mounting plates.
Mounts swivel 360 degrees with a remote lock release. With one hand, the diver can release the swivel lock and still controlling the DPV’s speed and direction, while the other hand is free to operate the camera and pan around, providing seamless video sequences.


A short video covering the small and large mounts along with the quick release attachments

Large swivel camera mount for larger DSLR and video rigs. Swivel stops every 45 degrees.


Quick release base for large camera mount.


Large QR mounting tray is 4″ deep and 8.75″ wide. (shown up-side-down) Call for mounting pattern to match your camera.


Extra wide large QR mounting plate is 4′ deep and 12″ wide with slots for mounting additional items on each end. (shown up-side-down) Call for mounting pattern to match you camera.


Small swivel camera mount for small DSLR and compact cameras along with small video systems with lights. Swivel stops every 90 degrees.


Quick release base for small trays and mounting blocks. Also fits on Large Camera mount.


Small QR mounting block. (shown up-side-down)


Small QR base shown installed on small swivel mount.

Non-slip cam band, fits up to 8″ diameter body.