The Genesis 1500 was built with long range exploration in mind. We pack enough battery into this baby to go up to 14 miles at realistic speeds and it still weighs less than 50lbs. The primary use for the Genesis 1500 is deep cave exploration. The unmatched high speed of the Genesis DPVs allow a diver to rocket past the end of line in deep caves and get back just as fast, minimizing the decompression obligations acquired on deep dives. It is equally comfortable in the open ocean, where you can explore miles of ocean at a time. The Genesis 1500 is best used with a rebreather to get the full effect of what it means to live like a fish. At its slowest speed it can run continuously for over 30 hours and cover over 20 miles.


Weight – 49.5lbs (22.5kg)
Length – 33.6in (85.2cm)
Max Thrust – 90lbs (41kg) [400N]
Run Time at Max Speed – 100min
Run Time at Min Speed – 30 hours
Approx. Range at Max Thrust – 5.0mi (8.0km)
Approx. Range at 2 knots – 10.0mi (16.1km)
Approx. Range at 150fpm – 14.0mi (22.5km)
Standard Depth Rating – 660ft (200m)
Optional Depth Rating – 1000ft (300m)
Li-ion Battery Capacity – 1680Wh
Battery Voltage – 2ea 29.6V in series (59.2V Total)
Charger Input Voltage – 96-264VAC
Recharge Time – 10 hours