The Genesis 1200 is the long range, multi-dive scooter of choice. At just under 45lbs it has twice the range of similar sized DPVs due the the unmatched efficiency of the Genesis motor and propeller system. Single hand control of speeds from 50 to 300 ft/min with a range of up to 12 miles, makes it ideal for those days with 4-5 dives or when you need to get somewhere fast to minimize the decompression obligation. Like the Genesis 600, the battery is off-center inside the DPV to help counter the propeller torque and reduce exertion by the diver. The added length also makes it a great platform for filmmakers to mount their camera systems. Additionally, power can be taken off of the DPV batteries to run large lighting systems and other equipment.


Weight – 44.9lbs (20.4kg)
Length – 30.8in (78.1cm)
Max Thrust – 90lbs (41kg) [400N]
Run Time at Max Speed – 80 minutes
Run Time at Min Speed – 24 hours
Approx. Range at Max Thrust – 3.9mi (6.3km)
Approx. Range at 2 knots – 8.0mi (12.9km)
Approx. Range at 150fpm – 11.2mi (18.0km)
Standard Depth Rating – 660ft (200m)
Optional Depth Rating – 1000ft (300m)
Li-ion Battery Capacity – 1350Wh
Battery Voltage – 2ea 29.6V batteries in series (59.2V Total)
Charger Input Voltage – 96-264VAC
Recharge Time – 8 hours